11 Ways to Improve Your Online Presentation to Raise Funds

Julien Uhlig
6 min readOct 23, 2020

s are now online, a massive shift that needs entrepreneurs to gain a new skill set.

We are sharing 11 Ways to improve your online presentation and your chance of getting funding from Julien Uhlig.

Julien Uhlig is the host of EX Venture, a global Capital and Innovator Matching Plattform accelerating Impact Companies in the world of the new Normal. Julien has managed over 40 German Government Funded Projects globally while building two technology companies, raising and consolidating over 150 Mil. USD in Venture and Project Funding.

The work of EX Venture supports the next generation of start-up founders.

Julien is living and working as an Executive Digital Nomad from Bali, Indonesia. The work of EX Venture supports the next generation of start-up founders to raise the capital needed to execute their vision of bringing technologies to market. These Innovations will improve society overall and lead us to a sustainable, circular, and just society.

We are experiencing a time of real disruption. Everything about a globalized world I appreciated seems to be shifting. Travel restrictions are limiting business travel unimaginable only a few months ago. For over a decade, I have been traveling almost daily. Building relationships with partners and investors over the globe. One day BBQ Los Angeles, next day Lunch in Tokyo and on to Paris at night. No problems, still costly, but flying budget airlines still within reach.

For the longest time, I was proud to build personal relationships, which become your business’s fabric, especially in tough times. In easy times, everyone can get along. It is the challenging moments that define a relationship. It is precisely two years ago that I attempted to participate in my board meeting online. I had a perfect Internet connection, and my presence was flawless. It saved my 24 hours of flight times and probably 5000 USD, plus the jetlag and additional time I could now work on the business instead of just surviving on a massive sleep deficit.

Still, it has been regarded as a lack of respect. This one decision set steps into motion that ultimately…

Julien Uhlig

Entrepreneur and change-maker! 100% Committed to Clean Energy and a Zero Waste Future.Building the Future Work-Life Community for Executive Nomads in Bali.