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4 min readOct 24, 2022

Liv-life and Enduring Harvest are improving lives and soil quality by building permaculture Farm-to Table Systems in Indonesia and building an affordable, sustainable Global Community for Executive Nomads, Creatives, and Remote Workers from all over the Globe. If you feel like supporting the Cause of Enduring Harvest- You Can Join the Campaign right here! ENDURING HARVEST ON GOFUNDME

Like many of us, I watch what I eat- lots of vegetables and fruits, preferably local- all work great since it is cheap to go to local markets.

The Proudest Man in Bali- Putu Doing Organic Magic

So you can imagine what I thought when I spoke to Putru, the Farm Manager of New York Club Legend Mark Baker at the In the Raw Farm in Bedugul Bali. “I don’t eat vegetables unless they come from our farm,” was his opening statement, and he had my attention. I see farmers spray pesticides three times per week here, especially when it rains. How can you feed this to your children? It is pure chemicals! Yeah, that one hurt- we live in a rice field and have two little children; it does make you wonder how our health can be affected by the heavy use of chemicals in what we think is healthy. Farming out here looks idyllic, with many little farms climbing up the hopefully dormant volcano mountain, looking more like Switzerland than the beaches everyone associates with Bali. Big Chemical companies pressure the locals to use their seeds- it is a mafia. Now they need to go back for fertilizer or lose their harvest- we need to completely relearn how to do pesticide-free agriculture in a warm tropical environment with lots of Bugs. It took the last few years to figure out how to layer and elevate the soil and growing bed and start producing eco-enzymes that replace destructive bacteria with good bacteria. Now we are generating a natural balance, and looking at the crops, it works. Putru and Mark might be the proudest people in Bali, not for opening another nightclub but for tasty, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits in a challenging environment.


The Pesticides are only the beginning- food production itself and humans’ ability to feed its population is already under enormous strain, with China…

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