Why Remote Working Matters and How It Can Change Your Life

Julien Uhlig
4 min readOct 16, 2020

The daily commute is killing you and you know it!

Let’s never go to the office again has been my mantra for the last two years. Relieving myself of over 150 staff members and six physical offices was the most crucial step in empowering myself and embracing life.

The time is now to evolve remotely, growing from a gig-based economy like Fiverr, a service I use frequently, to executive services. The next step is executive hiring. Talking to a new service from a company Torre Inc. indeed shows the way forward. The app integrates personality tests, AI, and recommendation platforms into a hiring tool for the next generation remote executives. Simultaneously, the platform performs beautifully and intuitively and gives you a sense of personal interaction.

If your staff is working from home, why should executives waste money, time, and life quality to attend the office? Learn, evolve, and become an excellent online communicator and get more stuff done in less time. Is it going to be easy? I don’t think so. We need to learn, adapt, and build a training system that prepares us for the remote working.

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There is a vast difference between success and happiness

Like many disruptions, my lifestyle change did not come voluntarily; a major investor struggle left me and my small core staff stranded in Bali while the small empire I had built over the previous decade went up in flames.

New management was going to take the company, which just closed its first 20 Mil. institutional project financing round, to the next level. While I agreed that it was time for new management, and over two years, I had groomed a super-smart CFO from Los Angeles to take that place, my founding partner sincerely believed that he could do it better.

Three months later, the company was gone and 250 Mil. Dollars in project value went up in smoke. Sometimes “I told you so” does not make it any better. For me, it was an opportunity to rethink all business decisions and how to structure the limited time I have to live on this planet. I did not want the pressure…

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