Why Airbnb is the Future of Real Estate.

Julien Uhlig
7 min readMay 19, 2019

What to Expect from your first 100 nights on Airbnb as a host. We became cash flow positive in 90 days renting out Luxury Apartments in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and so can you.

There are massive opportunities in the changing rental landscape, and I want to show you how to build a small business with minimum investment and maximum return.
It was 2003 when I made the best real estate deal of my life.
I rented a small studio apartment from a friend across from Carnegie Hall on 5th. Avenue in Manhattan. It was tiny and a little bit run down but I could use it to put up guests for my first real start-up organizing auditions in New York City for International Opera Houses.
I stumbled across a little business. I rented the apartment monthly, saving massively on hotel bills and then rented the place out when I did not need it. Back then, Craigslist was my platform, and I am not sure I abided by all condo or New York Housing Regulations. Probably not, but so be it. Spending the first weeks trying to figure out a corporate apartment rental fee structure, I figured I could rent the place for a week to a businessperson for the same price I paid per month.
Real Estate and the stock market are the only two ways of passive income creation I have at least ever tried. After spending hundreds of thousands of US Dollars, British Pounds and Euro´s as well as a few additional currencies, stop paying rent without having to settle down has become a personal mission for me.
My New York Experience stayed with me even working in Real Estate in the Luxury market in the most exclusive part of Italy years later. What we offered as a luxury real estate brand was access to customers in foreign markets. If you were looking for a fantastic property in Costa Smeralda you might go to our showroom in Munich or London and get some expert advice. I am sure that business still works today, but you don´t need it anymore.
Along comes Airbnb giving you free global market access to rent out your property, other platforms like booking.com and the entire Expedia network works very similar.
Here you are judged by your property, price, and recommendations. That sounds fair to me as this is the same criteria I use for the last 3000 hotel nights I have booked. What I find interesting is how it levels the playing field, how much money and time has Hilton spent to build a recognizable brand for…

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