Negativity Is Making You Sick and Can Kill You — Julien Uhlig’s Experience

Julien Uhlig
4 min readOct 30, 2020

Negativity is making you weak

How does negativity affect your performance, your focus? Four months of boxing have shown me the results. Happiness is a mindset and can be learned. When it is time to perform, it is time to be positive to improve your performance.

The key part of good storytelling includes a personal challenge; there can barely be too much struggle. If you don’t have a struggle, you don’t have a story. Now I am no brain surgeon, not have I done any scientific research whatsoever, but I have observed that negativity does not work as a motivator.

“When Millennials quit after an argument, they are quitting on you.”

This might be limited to our western background, but they will just quick, mainly deal with Millennials. Not because they are weak, but they don’t need that shit in their lives. When Millennials quit after an argument, they are quitting on you. You have just proven to them that you are not an effective leader but a neurotic cry baby.

With the next election, we will hopefully outgrow this style of bully leadership once and for all. It is like yelling at a child; at least I feel sorry for the child to have a guardian who can only hit and yell and therefore has the conflict resolution skill. Some people stop learning early, especially when it comes to conflict resolution, which nobody ever spends a minute thinking about. Problem resolution should be taught in every school.

About four months ago, I started on a personal experiment. Months earlier, I had lost all interest in going to the gym suddenly. Then Corona hit, and all I wanted to do was drinking wine. So, I gained a few pounds. I always struggle with mornings since I work at night for as long as I can remember. It’s tough for me to get going in the morning. Also, like all of us, I have a long list of challenges, having a baby, a demanding Brazilian wife, massive unresolved family issues, and a career I had to rebuild from scratch. Then add Corona, income unsafety, the list goes on. Corona did not help.

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